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Algorithmic System

Rapid creation of polyphonic event list structures. Theses event lists can be composed for GeneralMidi or as Csound scores using a built in library of internal instruments. Output formats include scores for internal or external Csound instruments, MIDI files, text-based output formats, and support for alternative algorithmic composition systems including Paul Berg's AC Toolbox and Michael Goggins' Silence.

Over sixty integrated Csound instruments, all with default values and documentation.

Combine any number of musical parts or Textures, controlling tempo, pitch, rhythm, amplitude, panning, and instrument-dependent parameters with modular customizable ParameterObjects. Over eighty specialized Generator, Rhythm, and Filter ParameterObjects provide tools for stochastic, chaotic, cellular automata based, Markov based, generative grammar and Lindenmayer system (L-system), wave-form, fractional noise (1/f), genetic, Xenakis sieve, linear and exponential break-point segments, masks, and various other algorithmic models. ParameterObjects can be embedded in other ParameterObjects to provide powerful dynamic and masked value generation.

Control panning as a standard parameter in mono, stereo, or (with Csound) quadraphonic space.

Control pitch data with Paths: reusable, partitioned pitch collections. Paths can be specified as Xenakis sieves, set classes, microtonally specified pitch collections, or through spectral analysis files from the audio editor Audacity. Further shape pitches within Textures with algorithmic Temperament objects.

TImap view of athenaCL

The TImap view of athenaCL, showing the output of various Generator ParameterObjects. More information.

TIv and TImap view of athenaCL

Screenshot of athenaCL, showing the TIv display of Texture parameters and a TImap display. More information.