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History of the Flexatone

A flex-a-tone is a modern percussion instrument (an indirectly struck idiophone) consisting of a small flexible metal sheet suspended in a wire frame ending in a handle. A wooden knob mounted on a strip of spring steel lies on each side of the metal sheet. The player shakes the instrument with a trembling movement which causes the beaters to strike the sides of the metal sheet. While shaking the handle,the musician makes a high or low-pitched sound due to the curve given to the blade by the pressure from his thumb. A tremolo is thus produced. An invention for a flexatone occurs in the British Patent Records of 1922 and 1923. In 1924 the 'Flex-a-tone' was patented in the USA by the Playatone Company of New York, at 113-119 Fourth Ave., New York City. This website has no affiliation with the Playatone Company.

Flex-A-Tone instructions

Historical instructions for the original flex-a-tone. More information.

Flex-A-Tone advertisement

Historical advertisement for the original flex-a-tone. More information.