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Live Electronics Performance Works and Projects

Live electronics is the performance of music with new, electronic interfaces and sound sources. Work in this area includes compositions for live electronics ensembles, solo live electronics performance in the pulsefact works, and ensemble performance with the group KIOKU.


Solo live electronics performances

The pulsefact pieces are prepared improvisations for solo live electronics. The emphasis is on controlling and developing polyrhythm and polyphony in a live electronics context. The performer operates a wide array of input devices (e.g. joysticks, sliders, and buttons) to deploy, mix, and process samples, digital and analog synthesis, and self-sampled playback.

Works for Live Electronics Ensembles and Laptop Orchestras

Works composed for six or more performers using laptops running Pure Data (Pd) and dual-analog game controllers. This works are made possible through the Martinglae Pd Library.


music of taiko and percussion, live electronics, and saxophones

Based in New York City, the experimental music group KIOKU creates a new terrain between traditional Asian music and collaborative improvisation. The trio consists of Wynn Yamami (taiko and percussion), Christopher Ariza (live electronics), and Ali Sakkal (saxophones). While grounded in historical musical practices, KIOKU (Japanese for "memory") embraces the plasticity of tradition and freely employs improvisational and avant-garde musical techniques.

Ariza with KIOKU

Christopher Ariza performing live electronics with KIOKU. More information.