Flexatone HFP

Flexatone HFP Audio Mastering

Professional Audio Mastering Services

Flexatone HFP offers professional, high quality, and artistically and technically superior audio mastering and post-production services to clients around the world working in all types of music and sound media, including pop, hip-hop, rock, folk, jazz, bluegrass, dance, electronica, elctroacoustic, concert music, classical music, experimental music, spoken word, podcasts, film, field recordings, and demos of any sort.

Whether you have a 24-bit digital mix-down, a 16-bit live recording, or an old recording on a DAT or cassette, Flexatone HFP mastering can make it sound clean, warm, detailed, and intimate. Whether you are an independent solo artist, band, ensemble, composer, label, or producer, Flexatone HFP mastering can offer any range of post-production polish, from noise reduction and presence to loud and aggressive radio-ready mixes.

Services in Brief

(a) Hear a free sample in a few days: upload a track and compare. (b) Base price of $50 per track; discounts for 5 or more tracks; includes all media costs (2 Master CDs), hi-fi MP3 encoding, and a single round of revision. (c) Free upload space provided at Flexatone FTP: no mail necessary. (d) Fast, knowledgeable, and friendly service, quick turnaround times, pay with check or PayPal. (e) Easily get started: simply email ariza {at} flexatone {dot} net.


The MIT MOSS portable professional audio recording system. More information.


Christopher Ariza in the Towson University RSTUDM. More information.