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Computer Music Frameworks

Numerous libraries are made available for computer music, live electronics, and interactive systems. The Martingale Pd library provides a collection of Pd abstractions for live electronics, including numerous instruments and complete compositions for the dual-analog gamepad controller. ArachneWarp and ArachneMicro are collections of C++ generators for generative compositions and interactive systems.

TIv and TImap view of athenaCL

Screenshot of athenaCL, showing the TIv display of Texture parameters and a TImap display. More information.

TImap view of athenaCL

The TImap view of athenaCL, showing the output of various Generator ParameterObjects. More information.

Dual-analog controller

The dual-analog gamepad controller. The Martingale Pd library features numerous instruments and compositions employing this controller. More information.

Sonofact screenshot

Screenshots of Sonofact, showing a detail term definition and the index of the complete dictionary. More information.