B.2. AthenaObject Commands

B.2.1. AO

AthenaObject: Commands: Displays a list of all AthenaObject commands.

B.2.2. AOals

AOals: AthenaObject: Attribute List: Displays raw attributes of the current AthenaObject.

B.2.3. AOl

AOl: AthenaObject: Load: Load an athenaCL XML AthenaObject. Loading an AthenaObject will overwrite any objects in the current AthenaObject.

B.2.4. AOmg

AOmg: AthenaObject: Merge: Merges a selected XML AthenaObject with the current AthenaObject.

B.2.5. AOrm

AOrm: AthenaObject: Remove: Reinitialize the AthenaObject, destroying all Paths, Textures, and Clones.

B.2.6. AOw

AOw: AthenaObject: Save: Saves an AthenaObject file, containing all Paths, Textures, Clones, and environment settings.