B.3. AthenaPreferences Commands

B.3.1. AP

AthenaPreferences: Commands: Displays a list of all AthenaPreferences commands.

B.3.2. APa

APa: AthenaPreferences: Audio: Set audio preferences.

B.3.3. APcurs

APcurs: AthenaPreferences: Cursor: Toggle between showing or hiding the cursor prompt tool.

B.3.4. APdir

APdir: AthenaPreferences: Directories: Lets the user select or enter directories necessary for writing and searching files. Directories that can be entered are the "scratch" directory and the "user audio". The scratch directory is used for writing temporary files with automatically-generated file names. Commands such as SCh, PIh, and those that produce graphics (depending on format settings specified with APgfx) use this directory. The user audio directory is used within ParameterObjects that search for files. With such ParameterObjects, the user can specify any file within the specified directory simply by name. To find the the file's complete file path, all directories are recursively searched in both the user audio and the athenaCL/audio directories. Directories named "_exclude" will not be searched. If files in different nested directories do not have unique file names, correct file paths may not be found.

B.3.5. APdlg

APdlg: AthenaPreferences: Dialogs: Toggle between different dialog modes. Not all modes are available on every platform or Python installation. The "text" dialog mode works without a GUI, and is thus available on all platforms and Python installations.

B.3.6. APea

APea: AthenaPreferences: External Applications: Set the file path to external utility applications used by athenaCL. External applications can be set for Csound (csoundCommand) and for handling various media files: midi (midiPlayer), audio (audioPlayer), text (textReader), image (imageViewer), and postscript (psViewer).

B.3.7. APgfx

APgfx: AthenaPreferences: Graphics: Toggle between different graphic output formats. All modes may not be available on every platform or Python installation. This command uses the active graphic output format; this can be selected with the "APgfx" command. Output in "tk" requires the Python Tkinter GUI installation; output in "png" and "jpg" requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL) library installation; output in "eps" and "text" do not require any additional software or configuration.

B.3.8. APr

APr: AthenaPreferences: Refresh: When refresh mode is active, every time a Texture or Clone is edited, a new event list is calculated in order to test ParameterObject compatibility and to find absolute time range. When refresh mode is inactive, editing Textures and Clones does not test event list production, and is thus significantly faster.

B.3.9. APwid

APwid: AthenaPreferences: Width: Manually set the number of characters displayed per line during an athenaCL session. Use of this preference is only necessary on platforms that do not provide a full-featured terminal envrionment.