Chapter 2. Tutorial 2: AthenaObjects and EventModes

Table of Contents
2.1. Introduction to AthenaObjects
2.2. File Dialogs in athenaCL
2.3. Loading and Removing an AthenaObject
2.4. EventModes and EventOutputs
2.5. Creating an EventList
2.6. Configuring and Using Csound
2.7. Saving and Merging AthenaObjects

This tutorial provides essential information concerning saving and opening an athenaCL session, as well as basic information for creating and configuring EventLists and EventModes.

2.1. Introduction to AthenaObjects

The AthenaObject stores the collection of user-created PathInstances and TextureInstances, as well as the names of the active objects and other settings relevant to the active athenaCL session (and not stored in the user preference file). The AthenaObject, when saved, is stored as an XML file. When athenaCL creates an XML AthenaObject file, the resulting file contains the complete state of the active AthenaObject.