B.6. EventMode Commands

B.6.1. EM

EventMode: Commands: Displays a list of all EventMode commands.

B.6.2. EMi

EMi: EventMode: Instruments: Displays a list of all instruments available as defined within the active EventMode. The instrument assigned to a Texture determines the number of auxiliary parameters and the default values of these parameters.

B.6.3. EMls

EMls: EventMode: List: Displays a list of available EventModes.

B.6.4. EMo

EMo: EventMode: Select: Select an EventMode. EventModes determine what instruments are available for Textures, default auxiliary parameters for Textures, and the final output format of created event lists.

B.6.5. EMv

EMv: EventMode: View: Displays documentation for the active EventMode. Based on EventMode and selected EventOutputs, documentation for each active OutputEngine used to process events is displayed.