B.9. TextureClone Commands

B.9.1. TC

TextureClone: Commands: Displays a list of all TextureClone commands.

B.9.2. TCals

TCals: TextureClone: Attribute List: Displays raw attributes of the active Clone.

B.9.3. TCcp

TCcp: TextureClone: Copy: Duplicates a user-selected Clone associated with the active Texture.

B.9.4. TCdoc

TCdoc: TextureClone: Documentation: Displays documentation for each auxiliary parameter field from the associated Texture, as well as argument formats for static Clone options.

B.9.5. TCe

TCe: TextureClone: Edit: Edit attributes of the active Clone.

B.9.6. TCls

TCls: TextureClone: List: Displays a list of all Clones associated with the active Texture.

B.9.7. TCmap

TCmap: TextureClone: Map: Displays a graphical map of the parameter values of the active Clone. With the use of one optional argument, the TCmap display can be presented in two orientations. A TCmap diagram can position values on the x-axis in an equal-spaced orientation for each event (event-base), or in a time-proportional orientation, where width is relative to the time of each event (time-base). As Clones process values produced by a Texture, all TCmap displays are post-TM. This command uses the active graphic output format; this can be selected with the "APgfx" command. Output in "tk" requires the Python Tkinter GUI installation; output in "png" and "jpg" requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL) library installation; output in "eps" and "text" do not require any additional software or configuration.

B.9.8. TCmute

TCmute: TextureClone: Mute: Toggle the active Clone (or any number of Clones named with arguments) on or off. Muting a Clone prevents it from producing EventOutputs.

B.9.9. TCn

TCn: TextureClone: New: Creates a new Clone associated with the active Texture.

B.9.10. TCo

TCo: TextureClone: Select: Choose the active Clone from all available Clones associated with the active Texture.

B.9.11. TCrm

TCrm: TextureClone: Remove: Deletes a Clone from the active Texture.

B.9.12. TCv

TCv: TextureClone: View: Displays all editable attributes of the active Clone, or a Clone named with a single argument.