B.13. TextureParameter Commands

B.13.1. TP

TextureParameter: Commands: Displays a list of all TextureParameter commands.

B.13.2. TPe

TPe: TextureParameter: Export: Export ParameterObject data as a file; file types available are pureDataArray, audioFile, textSpace, and textTab.

B.13.3. TPls

TPls: TextureParameter: List: Displays a list of all ParameterObjects.

B.13.4. TPmap

TPmap: TextureParameter: Map: Displays a graphical map of any ParameterObject. User must supply parameter library name, the number of events to be calculated, and appropriate parameter arguments. This command uses the active graphic output format; this can be selected with the "APgfx" command. Output in "tk" requires the Python Tkinter GUI installation; output in "png" and "jpg" requires the Python Imaging Library (PIL) library installation; output in "eps" and "text" do not require any additional software or configuration.

B.13.5. TPv

TPv: TextureParameter: View: Displays documentation for one or more ParameterObjects. All ParameterObjects that match the user-supplied search string will be displayed. ParameterObject acronyms are accepted.